Friedrichshafen Flights Technical Data Zeppelin NT in the world
To find Zeppelin NT and DZR (Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei), direction « Messe » in Friedrichshafen, then follow tre traffi sign « Zeppelinfluge-Halle ». If you have a GPS : Allmannsweiler Strasse 132.
For booking fligth or visite to Assembly Hangar : : +49 (0) 75 41 /59 00-0
Zeppelin flights at Friedrichshafen last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

The DZR offers a variety of different routes - riding over beautiful Lake Constance with its shorelines and islands and to the south the mountains of Switzerland.

The flight operation can directly be monitored from the check-in pavillon at the hangar and at the take-off and landing site of the Zeppelin NT.

Inside this check-in pavillon, the departure lounge reserved to the passengers of the next flight on the Zeppelin.
A bar and especially the possibility of taking a cooling in Terrace to observe with leisures the operations of Zeppelin NT. The hangar of the airship may also be visited, Tuesday and Friday (from April until october) with booking.
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The airship inclines its lattéraux engines to give the implusion of takeoff. It takes off thus with the vertical.
The propeller placed at the rear makes it possible to make swivel the airship.
The take-off and landing procedures, which are optimised by the swivelling propellers, require a ground crew of only a few members under normal weather conditions. The nose is decoupled from the mast truck when taking off. When landing, the airship is self-manoeuvring with the propeller thrust into the desired position. In order to moor the Zeppelin, the nose line is attached to the mooring mast line and the Zeppelin is pulled towards the mast.
The weight of the passengers weighed down the airship. It should then be lightened, by evacuating water, as the photograph of left shows it
Photo internal view: ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik
  Friedrichshafen Flights Technical Data Zeppelin NT in the world