Friedrichshafen Flights Technical Data Zeppelin NT in the world
On March the Zeppelin NT has started into its 8th flight season.

More than 73,000 passengers have flown with the airship since August 2001.

since November 2007, the Zeppelin NT has been branded with the Deutsche Telekom and the health insurance BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker.

The logos of these advertising partners will be displayed on the airship until the end of 2008.

With a 14 month contract the Deutsche Telekom signed the longest running branding contract in the companies history.
The URL that can be seen on the Zeppelins envelope directs to the T-City which was a contest project by the Deutsche Telekom to find a City in Germany with innovative concepts on how to use communication and information technology in a city. The winner of this contest was Friedrichshafen.

Zeppelin Envelope is used for advertising.They are directly attached to the envelope of the Zeppelin NT. As an alternative or additionally, exchangeable banners may be used. This represents a big comfort for changing events. At the time of our visit to the Hangar of the company Zeppelin NT, July 1, 2008, technicians covered with a beer publicity, the envelope of the fourth Zeppelin NT, which received the authorization of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) on June 26, 2008
On 21 May 2008 the new Zeppelin NT07 004 had its maiden flight at Friedrichshafen. Decorated in the colours of Airship Ventures on one side, and a local brewery on the other, this airship will be flying in Europe and London during the summer before it is shipped to San Francisco later in the year.

Summer 2008 - Londons first commercial Airshipmission with Stella Artois.

A Zeppelin flies over London this summer on the 90th anniversary of the last airship bomb raid on the capital.

German company Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik is to operate commercial tourist flights for six weeks from 10 July to 21 August.

InBev, the brewery of Stella Artois, Englands most favorite Premium Lager-Beer, has announced (09. June), that they will be the sole Sponsor of this first commercial usage of a passenger airship, to offer flights over London for 6 weeks this summer.

Unique view on board the ‚Stella Artois: Star Over London’ for the first time since the invention of the airship.

The ‚Stella Artois: Star Over London’ will be stationed in Damyns Hall near Upminster in the northeast of London until August 21st. From there it will start it's roundtrip flights across the Skyline of London.

There will be an average of 5 flying hours per day with a maximum of 12 passengers on board the ‚Stella Artois: Star Over London’ on 3 different routes above Londons most famous sights. for more informations
There is a reservation contract for this airship with the USA.

Airship Ventures will build up its own Zeppelin NT business in San Francisco. A Zeppelin from Lake Constance above the Golden Gate Bridge - a unique view, not only from above.

Airship Ventures is a corporation formed with the objective of bringing Zeppelin NT airships to the USA for commercial air tours, media and advertising operations, scientific research, and special missions.

They are targeting a start date for operations in the San Francisco Bay Area in Fall 2008.

Transatlantic Crossing: August 2008
Arrival (US): August 2008
Arrival (SF Bay Area): October 2008

Which coincides with :

– NASA’s 50th anniversary

– USN Zeppelin, ‘Macon’ arrived at Moffett Oct 15 1933, 75 years ago

– Zeppelin Foundation 100th Anniversary

– Fleet Week.

Tour and flights conditions :
In August 2005 a new Zeppelin NT was shipped to South Africa for its new 2 year assignment with De Beers. But in september 2007, violents winds make damage assessment on the Zeppelin, and it was effectively beyond repair (
On 2 March 2004 ZLG sold a new Zeppelin "Yokoso Japan" to the Japanese Nippon Airship Corporation. The company intends to use her mainly for joyrides and advertising.
  Friedrichshafen Flights Technical Data Zeppelin NT in the world